What kind of tired are you?

Why is fatigue so hard to communicate?  I think one reason is that there are many different ways of being tired, but only a few words to describe each experience. Two people may say, "I'm exhausted; I need to sit down," but each may mean something entirely different. 

In my life, I've experienced the following:

1) You go,Girl: healthy fatigue. This is a sense of having used a lot of energy in healthful activity, especially if the activity involved both mental and physical effort. It is the way that our body communicates that it needs to recharge. It occurs after a particular endeavor, such as gardening or running, and it also occurs at the end of a day. Usually, it is accompanied by the emotional satisfaction of tasks accomplished or memories made. Even for the person who works a dull job, fatigue signals that the day is done and that recuperation is near. Healthy fatigue resolves with rest, recreation, and sleep, though soreness may linger.   
Everyone on the pla…



Is it possible to be a Spoonista...Fashionable and Comfortable, too?

My wardrobe has to cover a lot of seemingly opposite needs.  I love to dress up and to look feminine, yet I live a fairly casual lifestyle.  I enjoy heels and dresses and pretty jackets, but I also need clothing that accommodates southern summers, my hot flashes, my achy bones, my extra (hopefully temporary) weight,  and my body's need for comfort.  I find that as a woman of a certain age, the delightfully, artfully messy look that a young woman can embrace just doesn't work for me -- neither for appearance' sake or in terms of how I feel. Yet, there are days when it would be so easy to be messy!  I spend lots of time out with people, but I also spend lots of time at home. I need to be able to go from scrubbing a floor to a meeting to dinner with friends or from bed to a doctor's office.

I've found some things that help me cover all the bases:

1)  This is a tip that I read along time ago:  keep a small stash of makeup and skincare necessities right by your bedside…

Movies for late summer days...

Who doesn't love summer?  I do.  Sometimes, however, the heat and humidity of late summer aggravate some of my health conditions.  Where I live, the most intense heat breaks around the third week in September, though we continue to have many milder, summer-like days throughout the fall.

On some days, when I cannot be outside as much as I like, I find it helpful to have an entertaining movie to watch.  Here are three that I recommend.

1) Swallows and Amazons, 2017 version  

Yes, Swallows and Amazons is a children's movie, for it is crafted from the classic children's book of the same name.  Some days, children's movies are about my speed.  :)

The screenwriters have added a sub plot line that is not entirely believable, but, imho, it doesn't overly detract from the overall story.  The beautiful scenery and the lovely unfolding of a family's summer are enchanting.  You can almost feel the cool breeze coming off of the British lake where the children sail.

2.  T…

Hello! Counting spoons...

When I encountered my first health challenges, I was stunned.  After all, I was "way too young" to be sick. I was in the thick of life, taking on many roles and responsibilities, and I didn't know any other way to cope but to power through my symptoms.  Needless to say, ignoring asthma, GERD, thyroid disease, and other issues backfired on me.  My body rebelled even more.

How could I communicate my limitations to others around me? I wondered. How could I explain them to myself in a way that would allow me to enjoy life, but at a healthy pace? Eventually, I heard of Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory, which provides a picture of what it's like to go through a day with compromised energy.  I may not have all of the spoons of energy that I would like to have, but I am grateful for the ones that I do.          

Today, no one tells me that I'm too young to be ill.  In fact, I more often hear, "You know, you're of an age now when aches and tiredness app…